Many special thanks

for all who saw the importance of bringing Elkhart together and supporting Heart Beat of the City – a concept formed in late August 2020. Heart City Health’s mission is serving people of any age, race or income. This music fest needs the support of people and organizations who have those values and resources to help – especially as the need for medical services rise. We also need the public to share in and enjoy this concert. We all need the emotional relief that live music can bring. Most appreciate the sense of community we can experience from sharing a concert. This festive atmosphere brings some healing while we respect public health safety guidelines, too.

Make a donation of any size directly to Heart City Health to show support for Heart Beat of the City and for its continued health and medical services provided to people of the Greater Elkhart area and surrounding communities.

Heart City Health
City of Elkhart, Indiana


United Way
United Way

Thank you. This event is happening …

with the effort of many different partners. Thank you to the performers. A major thank you to Jeff Snyder and his team from Mojo Events for staging, audio, video, and technical production. Also, thank you to Flint Dille of Monster Message for delivering the drive-in experience with his screen trucks. Way to come through for us, Surf Broadband Solutions – to make sure our Drive-In locations had a sure link to our live stream. And thanks to MooDog, our Google Cloud friends to make sure we have digital bandwidth!

Thanks to Froggy 102.7 for promoting this new event. Many thanks to Elkhart Community Schools for assisting us with ample parking for the drive-in locations as well as a sure digital connection to the live stream for the Monster Message screens.

We appreciate the team Momentum Marketing Consultants who formed and developed the idea and pulled in the right people to assist. Thanks to TaigMarks Marketing who created the logo and branding, PR and billboard designs. We thank you, Ami Butler Tack, for the great VIP/Sponsor experience in arranging Cafe Navarre, Kem Krest hand sanitizer (donation) and Camille’s for assisting in the design of the closed venue. Thanks to Trevor Wendzonka for consultation.

Thank you to Heart City Health’s President and CEO Esleen Fultz and COO LaLaesha Black who both said ‘yes to the fest!’

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